Awareness, it seems is the gist of all philosophies and religions. Vipassana, mindfulness, dhyana, and even J. Krishnamurti’s emphasis is on awareness in which there is no choosing. It’s easy to see the importance of being aware even in simple day-to-day activities such as driving, cooking etc. …

Thoughts are incoherent

Brain produces incoherent thoughts. One thought of police brutality and the very next thought of vacationing in Italy. These thoughts are contradictory, incoherent, broken, fragmented, seemingly unrelated.

“I” appears in thought

“I” somehow appears in one of these incoherent thoughts and suddenly thinking seems to become meaningful…

“Your consciousness is the consciousness of the world, not your private consciousness.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti.

We all think we’re different but everyone thinks like that. So, we’re all the same.

Every clone of a Git repo is separate but is standalone. It exists independently but the changes can be merged with other repos. Whether these changes are accepted or not depends on how radical the change is. Generally, a consensus is reached and the repo keeps growing.

Are the individual repos same? They’re same but separate.

Similarly, the contents of human brain are same. Including the content which says we’re different. This idea of being different creates division which leads to conflict.

Perhaps an awareness that our brains have been captured by the content which is common, breaks the illusion of being different.

When you listen to water running down a tap, a car passing by, people chattering far away, listening to sounds without resistance, there is silence — not absence of sounds but a kind of stillness of the brain.

After a while though there is resistance to being in that state because there is a feeling of losing yourself, becoming unimportant. The brain seems to pull you back by starting to worry about the pending things at office, the hurts and so on.

This fear of being silent is irrational. Nothing is lost, nothing that is real, true is lost. If anything, one might see what is real, what is true.


not too sure about myself.

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